Nikolai Gamasin
Art Direction
This is a personal portfolio of Nikolai Gamasin, Master of Arts in Integrated Design, from Germany. Currently working at Tamschick Media+Space as Senior Art Director.
Berlin / 2019 

2010     2019 

Selected Works

Mercedes Benz IAA           big screen, motion design

              Vertical kinetics, monumental video and sound, transparency and user accessibility – all combined with the Festhalle’s impressive archi-tecture. A vision previously unseen and one to remember in the future. 2017

client:  Atelier Markgraph
production: Monomango
creative direction: Lois Kainhuber
motion design: Nino Matthey, Yves Yates, Nikolai Gamasin,
Julian Braun, Jan Weber
music & sfx: Oliver Fröhlich, Jan Sieber
documentation: Monomango, Atelier Markgraph, Nikolai Gamasin

Kleist Museum           installation

              For the opening of the new permanent exhibition in the Kleist Museum, I was asked to design and realize a visual concept for the first room. The work is a 12 x 3 meter projection in an endless loop. The intention of my design was to generate an atmospheric presentation, which on the one hand is in harmony with the theme of the first room and on the other hand also deals with the architectural conditions. The animation creates a completely different perception of space, it optically opens the space into the depths and draws the visitors into its atmospheric spell. 2014

production: Panatom — Corporate Communication
creative direction: Jule Hass
project management: Philipp Hartung
motion design: Nikolai Gamasin
documentation: Anastasia Herrmann, Nikolai Gamasin

Emergence                   installation

             Emergence refers to the creation of new structures or properties from the interaction of the individual elements in a complex system. Properties of a "whole" that cannot be derived directly from the individual "parts" and can only be explained by the interaction of the parts, i.e. from their process, are called emergent. 2016

- personal project -
concept and production: Nikolai Gamasin, Markus Gebauer
sound design: Porkfour
documentation: Anastasia Herrmann, Nikolai Gamasin

Molt!                               exhibition

              MOLT! investigates the layers of the modern human identity in the digital age and the blurring of their's physical and psychological borders and distances. Thereby it exposes through speculative perspectives the utopias of representation of our inner and outer being. ZD initiated a vibrant happening with artworks by 40 international artists, reflecting the subject from different perspectives in different media. Transformation, gender questions, cultural identity, virtual presentations and digital ambivalences are just some of the project's approaches. The happening includes an exhibition, several performances, sound and mix-media installations, screenings, talks and unexpected situations. 2013

- personal project -
zonadynamic - groupexhibition
founder & creative lead: Elisa Fabia Schönherr
media content & art direction: Nikolai Gamasin
creative direction: Edgar Khandzratyan
art manager: Diana Bauer
project manager: Julia Freyhof