Nikolai Gamasin
Art Direction
This is a personal portfolio of Nikolai Gamasin, Master of Arts in Integrated Design, from Germany. Currently working at Tamschick Media+Space as Senior Art Director.
Berlin / 2024 

    2010     2024    

Selected Works

Invisible Worlds               science center,exhibition,immersive experience

            "Invisible Worlds" is a captivating 360-degree science and art installation at the American Museum of Natural History's new Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation. It provides a breathtaking insight into the interconnectedness of all life on Earth.

As Senior Art Director at Tamschick Media and Space, I significantly contributed to this project, creating styleframes, overseeing the animatic, as design supervision during the production, and on-site implementation.

The installation, created with scientists and global advisors, utilized data from various institutions, including Lidar scans of New York City. My work helped transform complex scientific concepts into visually appealing experiences, drawing inspiration from real locations like the Amazon Rainforest and Central Park. "Invisible Worlds" represents an innovative exhibition method, making scientific data visually accessible. The result is an immersive experience for visitors.2023


client: American Museum Of Natural History
production: Tamschick Media+Space
scenography + exhibtion design: Marc Tamschick & Boris Micka
creative dirctor, media lead: Marc Tamschick
architecture & scenography lead: Boris Micka, BMA
executive producer: Ashraf El Sharkawy
head of production: Michael Koch
head of finance: Christina Roth
senior project manager: Carsten Schildwächter
project manager: Lars Wolf
exhibition design: Valentin Trillo, BMA
design visualisation: Alvaro Barranco, BMA
content coordination: Christiane Meyer-Ricks
content development: Victoria Llanos, BMA
concept design & development: Elisa Broß
creative direction and & animation director media production: Anton Bohlin
art director: Nikolai Gamasin
technical director: Dirk Ostkamp
hardware designer: Björn Seeger
interactive design: Abraham Manzanares,
Julien Vulliet
live-action director: Daniel Lwowski
storyboard artist: Karl Schulschenk
data artist: Martin Backhaus, Michael Bader
motion design: Michael Trende, Maria Gysi,
Luis Bustamante, Stanislav Yakymenko,
Johannes Kirschner
cgi: Milovan Mladenovic, Petar Jovovic
sound design: David Kamp
spatial mix: Peter Hylenski, David Kamp

Mensch+Maschine           science center, exhibition

              The idea and exhibition design, as well as the curation of the content and overall artistic direction of the scenography, were developed by TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE as an immersive experience. Visitors can look forward to an interplay of mobile, interactive stations, the artistic interpretation of real-time data, innovative projects from Lower Austria, an almost 360-degree LED screen covering more than 300m², extraordinary sound and lighting technology and the breathtaking architecture.

The House of Digitization in Tulln, is operated by Ecoplus Digital, and it is right at the center of all digitization efforts in Lower Austria. The "Mensch + Maschine" is open to the public for about a year from Monday to Saturday from 10:00-18:00, ad-mission is free. Tulln. 2023

client: ecoplus Digital GmbH  
concept and design: Tamschick Media+Space
creative lead: Charlotte Tamschick
art direction: Nikolai Gamasin
concept: Camila Bernal Samper, Cornelia Vossen,
Nikolai Gamasin
production:, Media Apparat, Weholo.Studio
music & sfx: Gabs Audio
credits: Leonard Doramirez

awards: ADC Award 2023 / SPATIAL EXPERIENCE

Innovation and Technology Center                science center, exhibition, motion design

              OMV Upstream's brand museum provides multimedia insights into the high-tech industry of oil production to both, experts and common visitors. The thematic areas are arranged radially on a cir- cumferential ramp around the „drill head" that leads upwards with a slight incline through the world of OMV Upstream: Beginning with an emotional intro-duction to the 360° Mainshow, complex projection mappings, prototypical overhead projections and immersive spatial stagings the exhibition visit ends with an augmented reality view on all Upstream te-chnology facilities around the new high-tech building in Gänserndorf near Vienna. 2020

client: OMV Austria Exploration & Production GmbH
production: Tamschick Media+Space
creative direction: Andreas Pinkow
art direction: Nikolai Gamasin
motion design: Johannes Kirschner, Andrej Onufriyenko, Nikolai Gamasin, Markus Gonser, Julian Braun, Timo Böse, Mattis Gutsche, Stanislav Yakumenko, Michael Tan, Patrick Egger, Rafael Calleja
graphic design: Dina Fluck, Ekaterina Kachavina
music & sfx: mainberlin, Ulrich Wirth, Peer Neumann, Miró Rabier

awards: ADC Award 2022 / SPATIAL EXPERIENCE

Mercedes Benz IAA           big screen, motion design

              Vertical kinetics, monumental video and sound, transparency and user accessibility – all combined with the Festhalle’s impressive archi-tecture. A vision previously unseen and one to remember in the future. 2017

client:  Atelier Markgraph
production: Monomango
creative direction: Lois Kainhuber
motion design: Nino Matthey, Yves Yates, Nikolai Gamasin,
Julian Braun, Jan Weber
music & sfx: Oliver Fröhlich, Jan Sieber
documentation: Monomango, Atelier Markgraph, Nikolai Gamasin

Kleist Museum           installation

              For the opening of the new permanent exhibition in the Kleist Museum, I was asked to design and realize a visual concept for the first room. The work is a 12 x 3 meter projection in an endless loop. The intention of my design was to generate an atmospheric presentation, which on the one hand is in harmony with the theme of the first room and on the other hand also deals with the architectural conditions. The animation creates a completely different perception of space, it optically opens the space into the depths and draws the visitors into its atmospheric spell. 2014

production: Panatom — Corporate Communication
creative direction: Jule Hass
project management: Philipp Hartung
motion design: Nikolai Gamasin
documentation: Anastasia Herrmann, Nikolai Gamasin