Nikolai Gamasin
Art Direction
This is a personal portfolio of Nikolai Gamasin, Master of Arts in Integrated Design, from Germany. Currently working at Tamschick Media+Space as Senior Art Director.
Berlin / 2024 

Hoerbiger Forum           motion design, kinetic screens

            The HOERBIGER Forum concentrates on Origin, present and future of the internationally active technology group. 26 kinetic steles as an architectural setting are the defining design element of the space. The "Big Picture Mode" transforms the 68 screens built into the steles the Forum into a 16-metre-wide projection screen. Polygonal representations create fantastic worlds of life. They visualize vision and mission, business idea and strategy of the company in the context of forward-looking technologies for the 21st century. 2016

client: Hoerbiger Holding
production: TRIAD
creative direction: Daniel Strauß,
project management: Anne Butschek
art direction: Patrick Egger, Nikolai Gamasin
animation: Patrick Egger, Markus Gebauer, Christian Weißmann