Nikolai Gamasin
Art Direction
This is a personal portfolio of Nikolai Gamasin, Master of Arts in Integrated Design, from Germany. Currently working at Tamschick Media+Space as Senior Art Director.
Berlin / 2024 

Mensch+Maschine           science center, exhibition

              The idea and exhibition design, as well as the curation of the content and overall artistic direction of the scenography, were developed by TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE as an immersive experience. Visitors can look forward to an interplay of mobile, interactive stations, the artistic interpretation of real-time data, innovative projects from Lower Austria, an almost 360-degree LED screen covering more than 300m², extraordinary sound and lighting technology and the breathtaking architecture.

The House of Digitization in Tulln, is operated by Ecoplus Digital, and it is right at the center of all digitization efforts in Lower Austria. The "Mensch + Maschine" is open to the public for about a year from Monday to Saturday from 10:00-18:00, ad-mission is free. Tulln. 2023

client: ecoplus Digital GmbH  
concept and design: Tamschick Media+Space
creative lead: Charlotte Tamschick
art direction: Nikolai Gamasin
concept: Camila Bernal Samper, Cornelia Vossen,
Nikolai Gamasin
production:, Media Apparat, Weholo.Studio
music & sfx: Gabs Audio
credits: Leonard Doramirez

awards: ADC Award 2023 / SPATIAL EXPERIENCE