Nikolai Gamasin
Art Direction
This is a personal portfolio of Nikolai Gamasin, Master of Arts in Integrated Design, from Germany. Currently working at Tamschick Media+Space as Senior Art Director.
Berlin / 2024 

Siemens HMI 2016         big screen, motion design

                In 2016, Siemens received a revised version of its Corporate Identity and in the course of that, the corporate appearance for the Hannover Messe was put out to tender for the next 3 years. After winning this pitch, we were able to keep our animations created for the design phase are as good as unchanged, but still further elaborated on the this year's ex-hibition stand. In contrast to the years in which I have been working with motion design for the Siemens booth at which HM was responsible, it acted this year around a fire conditions with emphasis on the Siemens brand and no longer the individual departments and their functions. 2016

client: Siemens
production at: TRIAD
creative direction: Daniel Strauß
project management: Anne Butschek
art direktion: Nikolai Gamasin, Patrick Egger
animation: Nikolai Gamasin, Patrick Egger, Markus Gebauer, Julian Braun, Christian Weißmann